Friday, 2 June 2017

How To Be In Love: Example

Illustration That Teach How You Can Be In Love

There is a guy I know. People refers him as urgly because he isn't good looking and handsome as it may be.

Worse yet, he is of the lower class and I gues you know what that means right?

At the same time, there was a girl, this girl was an epitome of beauty. So beautiful, with a desirable shape. In fact, she is considered as priceless by many men.

Unfortunatly, the young man became interested in this young lady.

How can a beautiful girl like that ever want to have anything to do with an urgly and poor kind of guy?

You are right...
That was exactly how she thought.

But the guy really wished they could be if nothing but just friends.

However, always against his wish, is the girl's fierce resistance at the thought, not even wanting to be identified with him at all.

What is wrong? She don't like him? Quite sure.

Could you believe that every effort proved abortive. Everything that was said and done to make this girl pick interest none succeeded.

Then he gave up and that is it.

What you may not have known is that showing 'interest in a person' is receiprocal' and involuntary a-times.

Something changed the girl's attitude toward the young man.

As she fiercely oppose this young man's interest on her, and as she wonders what give the guy the cuorage to want to date her as she automatically dwells on this guy. Yes, she have unknowingly be dwelling on the thought about the young man.

Then something she never thought of started to happen.

She began noting some desirable qualities that this young man posses that none of those she deemed handsome or wealthy has.

Rememner, she was thinking on 'how-dare-this-guy-want-to-date-me', kind of negative and egotistic.

Noting his personalities, she peered more deeper. The more deeper, the more she notices other desirable personalities of this young man she loves and she hold on to it.

"the best way to truely love a person is to first love the characters, if you can't find yourself loving much of his/her characters, neither will you love him/her"

As time passes, those desirable qualities of his began to transcend her view of him. The distgust she once felt was melting off like a candle.

 Now she can't stop thinking about him. No. Not the former 'how-dare-him' kind of feelings. That have  since automatically been replaced with 'he-seems-to-be-nice' kind of consideration thought.

Little by little, she felt close first not to the young man, his look or status but to his qualities.

Without the young ma's knowledge, she has on her own developed feelings for him.

As she got immersed in this feelings, she realized she truely have been rejecting a person who's soul mate she is.

I do not know how long this feelings lasted witin her. But all I do know is that one of their next encounter after developing this liking was very different.

She was earger to let this young man know that she has for long time fallen in love with him?
No. Being in love with him.

She have realized that this young man has been in love with her all this while.

And despite appearance, look, and social status, the result was a three fold cord of union and they are happily married and enduring in their union till date.

Well, till date I said.

 And it was like a dream to this young man. He was not able to tell and understand what really transpired within this young lady that changed her mind and view of him, not till I sat him down and explained to him how love crips into the heart through a natural prinsciple.

Yes. through a natural prinsciples I said.

Do you know you can be in love or solve all problems in your relationship and family through this same automatic prisciple?

All you need is to become cconcious of it and voluntarily apply it, its already within you.

I will tell you about this prinsciple latter and how it works and how you can apply it to resolve all your relationship and family problems.

Can You Recognize Real Love?

How Do Love Songs Makes You Feel?

A well know musician sang;

"paint my love, you should paint my love. It is the picture of a thousand sunset, it's the freedom of a thousand doves, baby you should paint my love". Michael Lean To Rock.


That is breath taking isn't it?

Off course, this is just one among the thousands if not millions of love songs that just thinking about the lyrics could get you thinking, and your emotion runing wide even by a person who naturally is unloving, isn't it?

I do not believe that one word, phrase or clause is enough to defne real love.

Therefore, I rather use some illustrations to help you learn what it means to be in love.