Friday, 28 April 2017

Fallen In Love or Being In Love?

How Is Love In Love Song And Movies?

The point is, in love song and movies, love is often portrays as always going with sexual pleasures as if without it there is no love.

Whatever makes you fall in love is an obstacle  or a stumbling block. Once the obatacle faild, then one who has fallen must get up and move ahead, that is not real love.
When such sexual pleasures is not realized, the person who failed in love simply gets up from the fallen state and move ahead, so it is to all those who thinks that love is as it is in love song and movies.

Why Some Experience Heart Break and Failed Relationships

Sourse: webneel. For a relationship to last, its requires not just fallen but being in love with each other
My dear, do you see why movies and songs often ends up in heart break and some times leave the viewer unhappy?

The point is, the character whom you watched failed in love and since the love portrays in love song and movies is just that of eros  without the love of storge or Agape, (more on it latter) it's easy and simple to just get up as it were, and abandon the victim with nothing than a broken and crushed heart on the ground state.

Such is the result that comes from fallen in the crucible love.

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